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The Perfect Road Trip Companion

The Perfect Road Trip Companion
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It's my belief that you get to know someone best when you road trip with them. There is no hiding when you travel with someone. You have to manage yourself, your hygiene and your attitude. What I find? Some people are better at it than others. 

There are some people who are suited for luxury travel. High-end hotels, massages, fine dining and dressing up to go out. Those trips are wonderful and fun in their own way. But to be honest; it's easy to travel that way! The nitty-gritty comes out on a road trip. Things go wrong 99% of the time, there are inconveniences and bad nights rest. Being resilient and adaptable are important. And not being one that has to have things a "certain way". 

There has to be a certain level of flow in the relationship. A bit of give and take. There is often someone leading the way with plans, stops, ideas, etc., but everyone is involved and everyone makes it either an awesome memorable experience or a bad one. 

Personally, I don't love road tripping with most people. I also have a preference of females over males because the goals are often different. Women often want to enjoy the journey. In my experience, men are obsessed with getting to the destination.

My youngest daughter is the ultimate road tripper! She loves being on the open road with the wind in her hair and loud music in her ears. We have often accidently ended up in wrong places because when the two of us get in the car we just get carried away. We start chatting, listening to music and getting in The Zone. Before we know it we are nowhere near where we were planning to be! My husband has had to remind us of our destination many a time.

I also have a belief that roadtrippers are a different breed of human. A people of spirit and soul that can't be quenched by anything else but the open road. Having a bad day, let's hit the road. Had a bad month, let's hit the road. Having a bad year, let's hit the road! In my youth I loved jumping on a plane and traveling to new places. Don't get me wrong I still love discovering new lands, but I don't love flying anymore. Now, my heart longs for the open road and all the adventures it brings! 

I can't wait for the days when I get to hit the road with my kids, my sister and her son in an RV. The memories we will make I know will last a lifetime. It is something that we will take with us and could possibly change the trajectory of their futures. Travel often does that to a soul.

So cheers to having those road tripping partners of a lifetime. It may not be the people you think it should...(I don't like road tripping with my husband!) Often times road tripping alone is exactly what the doctor orders. You just never know. All I can say is that little voice inside you that tells you to go for it is often what will lead the way. It will let you know who your road person is. You'll know when you hit the road...It just feels like Heaven!

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