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What precautions are being taken for COVID-19?

We are now working specifically online so there is no contact with our customers, regrettably. Our inventory is stored in our small facility that requires masks. We recommend washing your product and all textile products upon arrival.

How do I care for the Tribal Blankets?

Tribal blankets are machine washable on the gentle cycle. It is best to lay flat, hang, or machine dry on the low cycle to dry. Each wash softens up the blanket. 

Mexican Tassel blankets should be washed cold with like colors and air dried or on gentle cycle. 

Rugs are 100% wool and therefore require NO HEAT dry clean only. You may also protect the integrity of rug color by applying Scotchgard or some other water and stain repellent. **Be mindful of chemicals in these products.**

Where are your blankets made?

We have artisan partners in the villages of Tlaxcala, Mexico & Oaxaca, Mexico.

How are your products produced?

All of our Textile Collections (both blankets & rugs) are gorgeously crafted on traditional pedal looms.  Each piece is individually crafted and therefore unique, no two are exactly alike in design and color. 

Am I supporting the artists who weave the blanket?

Fair wage practices are implemented in all of our collaborations. Our artists run their own businesses; prices & workload are set by them. We are honored to have artists that create our designs with their traditional weaving skills. Each purchase is a collaboration in supporting Petra de Luna as well as our weaving partners. This allows growth to take root in the centuries old art form of weaving as well as economically for our artisan partner's businesses.

What are the blankets made of?

The Tribal Blanket Collection are created from fabric spun with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. These materials contain a blend of cotton, acrylic, and polyester. The fabric is discarded, unused material from clothing and garment manufacturers. They are Mother Earth friendly and a sustainable product.

Our Mexican Tassel blankets are made from 100% organic cotton. Dyed using the centuries old practice of fermentation, and crafted on wooden pedal looms.

All rugs are 100% wool. The process for dying the wool rugs is the same as our Mexican Tassel blankets; fermentation using natural elements from Mother Earth. Different color wool (natural, gray & black) is spun by our artists and dyed to create each color. No dying process is ever the same and therefore color variations do occur.




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