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Our Mission:

At Petra de Luna we work really hard to create a shop with a welcoming, cultured vibe that resonates with wandering souls. Everything you see is handpicked, designed and/or produced hecho a mano...{by hand.}

We connect with artisans, families and communities during our travels to find, design and create the most unique and gorgeous pieces. Our goal is to represent the strength, kindness and love the Mexican culture evokes through the history of artisan traditions.

It is with immense gratitude and humility we hope to give you a wonderfully soulful journey when visiting Petra de Luna Shop. Through connecting people and culture we hope you feel our passion and love we have for our Mexican culture and all people...including you. 

Thank you for being our guest. Thank you for trusting us. We hope to spoil you with one of our treasures. Please know we consider you a friend and we truly appreciate you.

       Con amor,



About The Owner:

My name is Yolanda. I hail from a small-ish town in Washington State; Bellingham. I am what I call Chicana; of Mexican (& European) descent but American born. Petra de Luna was my father's mom; my abuela. I named my business in honor of her because it is my belief that we stand on the shoulders of those before us.

My grandmother was a Mexican woman born at a time filled with racial & female injustices. She raised 10 kids nearly all on her own. My grandmother was taken out of school around 2nd or 3rd grade to pick cotton in the fields. She was nearly illiterate only with the ability to write her name and numbers 1-10. 

Regardless of the many hardships she endured my abuela was a hardworking, loving & very welcoming woman. She cooked for all of her children constantly; even into her older age until arthritis began to take root in her hands. My most treasured & beloved memories were in her home. 

It is with a deep sense of pride and honor I take the time & love to represent her name well in my business. Petra de Luna is my 4th baby. I work hard to create gorgeous, soulful items not only for you & your home, but in memory of my late abuela. Her sacrifices made it all possible. 

Muchas gracias,


Interested in finding out how we give back? Check out our GIVE BACK page.

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