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Giving Back

Our belief at Petra de Luna: H U M A N I T Y 
So what does that entail? Well...we give to humans. Humans we connect with and believe in. 
Our values are to continue developing Petra de Luna Shop in collaboration with Indigenous and Mexican peoples of Mexico. We believe in building community by embracing culture, traditions and honoring them through our business practices.
We donate regularly to organizations supporting the empowerment of women and children. These charities help develop independent businesses and self-sufficiency. 
Every month a percentage of our profits goes to these organizations and people. 
It isn't about being a good business person; it's about being a good human being. No matter what.  That is the legacy of my abuela; Petra de Luna. I don't do this to honor her; I do this because these are the values she instilled in me. 
Organizations we donate to regularly:
Wander Project (environmental fundraising)
Please email us with any suggestions of reputable organizations as we are always looking for ways to give:


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