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Top 5 Social Media Accounts 2020

Top 5 Social Media Accounts 2020
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Social media is something I have a love|hate relationship with. I recognize it's value. I understand it has deep importance. I also know it is often a highlight reel and it can be full of complete and utter bullshit. It can overwhelm us and I 100% believe it causes depression in people. Stepping away from it from time to time; or even forever, is often necessary for us. This is why I do not have an active personal account. My business account is enough for me. I can't handle any more!!!
After all that being said; this post is about some of my favorite accounts on social media. Mostly, Instagram. These accounts I am highlighting for the value they bring, the pure joy they exude, the freedom they instill or the cause they fight for. Social media is what you make it. I don't love the pressure others try to put on us to tell us how we have to manage or run our accounts. I am not going to do that to you now. All I am going to do is give you some people that are spreading love, joy and high energy to the world. This is priceless for me right now. And maybe you'll love them too?!
(in no special order):
1.) GroceryGettingGirl: This account is run by a mama of 2. Her name is Alli. This account is filled with ideas, meal plans and how-to's for life in the kitchen. (Which we all know right now is constant!) She takes all the guesswork and decision making out of shopping, cooking, prepping on a family food budget.
Alli also gives killer recipes and meal prepping steps to create easy to make freezer meals for a family! Hello?? Priceless!!! As parents we know kitchen life can be consuming if we don't plan. She takes the guesswork out of it all. For me, having to "plan" beyond breakfast is exhausting because I run a family and a business. I love having the option of popping on her account for ideas, prep and recipes to make my life easier! 
2.) GoodNewsMovement: This account is just pure joy! They display some of the best of humanity. Featuring both kindness and funny human antics. It makes me happy to know that during so much hardship there are always, always good people in the world. I get lost in this account and don't regret it for a moment. It spreads joy and positive energy. We need more of this right now. Just try it...I promise you'll get hooked.
3.) Caraway_home: I love this account because it features gorgeous cookware that is also CHEMICAL FREE!!! I am not sure if any of you are aware but our world is and has allowed wealthy corporations to live above the law of humanity. There is no amount of money that should ever be made at the cost of human life. The use of "forever chemicals" is doing just that.  Things like Teflon, (created by Dupont and M3) and other non-stick, water repellent materials are literally killing us & our planet. It's virtually found everywhere on Earth and it NEVER goes away. Once it is found in a cellular molecule it can never be removed. Hence the nickname; forever chemicals.
I choose to mention this simply because we may not be able to avoid everything that carries these chemicals but we can easily change our cookware. Caraway Home will get my vote every time! A new generation of business owners are rising up that care about humanity, AND our planet. I, for one; choose them!
4.) SophiaBush: An actress and activist at the most respectable level. I do not have the energy to be an activist. I don't know how these people do it, to be honest. It requires a deep love of humanity as well as a high level of intelligence and diligence. I do not have what it takes to do what these people do. Sophia Bush does. She fights for human rights on every level; women's rights, black rights, immigration rights, our voting rights. 
I feel as though she leaves no leaf unturned. Sophia believes in a cause and has the influence to gain momentum...deep respect for a human of that nature. I follow her to help keep me informed in an way that is not based on political gain. #SophiaBushforpresident?!
5.) @tobemagnectic This account is based on a woman found & created space around psychology and energies. It helps us understand and learn to process out old mindsets & beliefs while empowering us with new ones. It is very powerful stuff if and when you are ready for it. I say this only because you have to be actively seeking this out in order to fully embrace it and find it useful. It all depends on where you are in your life's journey. Had I found her just 2 years ago I would've laughed her off a crazy person. But not anymore. I have realized the energies in our world actually make up the course of our lives. We simply have to tap into them. 
Well, that's it for my most favoritest social media accounts. They bring their own magic to the world somehow or another. I love that we all have a super power. Every one of us. It's just that some people act on it. What's your superpower?
Health & hugs,

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