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My story...
Once upon a time, not too long ago there was a little girl. She lived in a small town and grew up in a home where her mother andYolanda little girl father no longer lived together. This created deep confusion in the little girl. It made her very angry and scared. She knew her parents loved her, but did not always understand the ways in which they showed her. She decided to hide her emotions. So she stuffed them deep down inside where no one else could see. Low and behold it made her very angry.
As time went on the little girl turned into a young lady. As she had grown, so did her anger. She was so frustrated and didn't know why. She felt rejection from her home and all things family. And so...she dug deep into things that she was good at as it helped her gain the approval of so many people...but her heart was still sad and angry. middle school pic
More time passed and the young lady was now turning into a woman.  The girl moved very far from her family in hopes that her anger would stay behind. Slowly she began to build a new life for herself. She made new friends, met knew people, and got a new job.
One day she was celebrating a friend's birthday when she met a guy. He was nice...and fun. They laughed a lot together that night. It was the first time in a long time that she didn't feel so angry. But they went on their own ways...
A long time passed and one day they ran into each other. That night they hung out, and again they had fun and laughed for hours. That night turned into a year. The girl and the guy loved each other very much. They hung out laughing, drinking, eating, hiking, traveling...They were living a wonderful life.CP One day they found out they were going to have a baby! The girl and the guy were very excited, but deep down the girl was very nervous and scared. She wanted to be a good mom but wasn't sure if she was ready.
Time went on, as it does...until the day the baby came! She was the most beautiful baby the girl had ever seen. The first words the girl spoke to her new daughter were; "she's so pretty!" The girl was so happy. She had never felt that depth of happiness in her entire life. She loved her daughter very much. Six weeks passed and the girl was just starting to learn how to take care of a new baby and be a mama. When one day the girl found out she was going to be a mama...again! The guy and the girl were a little nervous having two new babies, but they thought it was very funny. And again, they were so excited.
my mayaAs more time passed and the girl's belly grew, she became more comfortable in being a mama. She was very tired and at times frustrated, but she loved her new family very much. Finally the day for her second baby came! It was another baby girl...she was adorable and feisty! Her new baby girl loved to talk and cry and throw up everywhere! The girl was pushed to her limits. She was tired and lost. There was no camilla fiestyfamily around to help. Just the girl and the guy.
Time seemed to fly for the girl. Her babies were growing up good and strong. They were healthy and happy. This was the first time  the girl realized she had something worth fighting for. It was then that she decided to take her anger on. She got help... She found a great therapist and hung out more with loving friends. She devoured books and started a forgiveness journal. She began to realize her life needed to be about more than self-service. She began to get an education on parenting and how to be a wife. But mostly, she worked hard on learning about herself. She wanted so badly to walk through life without being angry. In all her days she had never known life without it...
The girl is now 35 and from time to time she still gets angry. {Road rage is hard to recover from in SoCal}...but the girl is deeply happy. There are no words for the depth of love she feels for her family, for her husband. She is learning to forgive and to truly love. Her greatest challenge is not in loving others...but herself. Everyday she is reminded to step into her day with excellence when she looks into the faces of her (now) 3 babies. She has known no greater love than that of a mother...because through motherhood she is learning to let go of her anger. To forgive. To allow others to be themselves. Through motherhood the girl has begun to truly love...herself.
big sisters
A bedtime story I tell my little girls which often ends in tears for all of us. I hope this inspires someone to tell their babies the story of them...because it matters. We all matter.
As always,
Health, hugs & happiness,

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