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Good Bye Brick & Mortar

Good Bye Brick & Mortar
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This one is long overdue. I am sure many of you are wondering what the hell happened to our brick & mortar!!??
You see it is actually quite simple. We flooded. A lot. Exactly 10 floods in 10 months of our shop being open. I had had enough. Our landlord refused to fix the problems. It wasn't just one source of flooding, it was multiple. Rain, upstairs tenants, holes in the walls & roof.
I simply wasn't willing to continue this way and after we had nearly $20k of damage in the last flood I decided I was going to take my shop mobile again. So that is what happened. 
Don't worry you can still find Petra de Luna Shop at events and online. Our E-commerce is slowly moving forward. Please be patient as we are once again...a one woman show. 
Health & hugs,

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