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Sustainable Nutrition Workshop with Coree Costa

Sustainable Nutrition Workshop with Coree Costa
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Having this #tinyobshop has done plenty to my health. Most of it probably negative. It has taken up time, energy, focus, relaxation, healing and peace of mind. In all honesty I have been feeling stuck in terms of health and wellness. Trapped. As though my body is not my own and it no longer responds to me the way it used to. Yes, my demands in life are higher. The deeper I embed myself into this community; the more responsibility I hold. I do not take those responsibilities lightly. What I have been doing in order to step up in my life is sacrifice my health and well-being. I think a lot of mothers & business owners do this. I figured it was just the way it had to be...until we held our Sustainable Nutrition Workshop this past weekend.

I went reluctantly as my time is often split between work and family. MAN!!!!  Am  I so grateful I went!! It was everything I needed to hear and be reminded of about my body and my personal well-being. It was literally freedom in simply reminding me of what it means to take the responsibility of being healthy. 
She created a beautiful, whole foods salad with homemade dressing. It satisfied every cell in my being. It was beyond delicious. This workshop reminded me that we become what we eat and therefore must be present in the process. Coree has a deep connection to the Earth and everything it provides. A reminder of what a blessing it is to connect to nature, be in the dirt, live out what are constantly seeking. It was a reminder to me the freedom of eating real food. Since then I have been on a rampage making cauliflower soup, chia pudding, peanut-butter oat bars for the kids, salads are a daily commitment. And mostly I have reconnected to what it means to be me. Riding horses once a week. Working out and committing to taking care of myself first and foremost. 
I know that there are seasons in our lives. Every season brings changes and new opportunities. Opening up our little shop space to share with such a beautiful soul has taken me on a path that I have been seeking lately. I am deeply grateful to open up my space and my soul to allow Coree a place to lead where she is needed & appreciated. 
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