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Witchy Remedies

Witchy Remedies
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The history of witches is an interesting one. The old definition of a witch was a woman who supposedly had dealings with dark spirits with the ability to perform supernatural acts. 

In honor of Halloween, I am throwing out some of my most treasured home WITCHY REMEDIES for healing. Now, this does NOT mean I don’t believe in Western medicine. I most certainly do. However, our reliance on it has become a problem for our bodies and we are no longer functioning at our highest and healthiest. We have some of the first generations on Earth that are set to die BEFORE their parents! That is a health crisis if I have ever heard of one. A key factor in creating a healthy body is not only listening to our body but also using God’s green Earth to help us prevent disease and heal. I am sharing some of my most treasured remedies that have worked countless times for me and my kids. They love to call me La Brujita or often ask for some of my witchcraft…So, I figured what a great time to share them with you! And without further ado my most treasured home remedies!

  1. SPIDER WEBS: MY Abuela was taught by her mother and her Abuela to use spider webs as a means to wrap/fill cuts and scrapes. Spider webs are antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic. They are high in Vitamin K which helps blood coagulate and stop bleeding. They are also a very strong material which allows for cuts to be wrapped and held together if stitches are not an option.
  2. Aloe vera plant is a healing god. We have a small plant on our front patio, and I believe it is the greatest healer I know. Well, actually I believe water is, but aloe is a close second.  This is an anti-inflammatory that can be used topically but also to soothe the internal body. It can reset your body in ways most foods can’t. And it is rarely ever an allergenic to anyone though I am sure there are cases somewhere. I have aloe juice in our fridge and our kids are to take a shot every morning before they eat or drink anything. It helps balance and keep the gut healthy. And like I said it helps soothe any inflammation throughout the body. A plant that is underrated in my book. If I suggest anything to anyone it would be to use aloe for EVERYTHING. 

CASE IN POINT: My oldest daughter is allergic to certain bugs. I am not sure if it’s mosquitos or biting flies. Possibly both. All I know is if she itches her bites, they explode into a severe skin infection. At 15 she knows NOT to scratch but recently a bug bite got the best of her. She had not had an infection like this since she was about 5 so it had been a while. Her initial reaction was to go to the doctor. Understandable. I get why parents do this. If the infection gets too bad it gets into the bloodstream and can cause a staff infection. There’s no natural remedy for that; 100% go to the doctor for a staff infection. If you hesitate and wait it causes sepsis which can be fatal. 

Anyway, as I was saying she scratched a bug bite, and it began to get infected. And of course, she did not relax or rest. She was up and about moving, practicing…she was all over the place. The blood flow causes it to spread much faster. The first thing I had her do was stop. No more walking to school. No more practicing. No more going anywhere until it was down. Then I had her elevate and ice her infection while I made a paste. This paste was made from the aloe plant on our front patio. I also added turmeric and organic Bob’s Red Mill oats. I believe I may have also added local honey into the mix but it’s not necessary. I had her apply it to the ENTIRE red, swollen area. She was to leave it on until the infection was reduced. At night she slept with it on and had it wrapped in gauze and medical tape. Each night it went down significantly. She was both amazed and repulsed by the process and the infection itself. Granted, my daughter is 15 years old. Strong, healthy and her body’s ability to fight this is at 100. For those with other illnesses and or diseases, the best thing may be to go to the doctor. You really must understand and know your body. I am happy with how I handled my daughter’s infection because she also learned her body's limits, how to trust it, and how to speak up for herself.   

Her infection was gone within 2 days. With the help of the natural paste her body literally purged it. The bite popped releasing both blood and puss. It was literally pushing the infection out. She was so grossed out, but I continued to tell her that this is the process of how the human body heals itself. This happened twice with a release of infection. She had a hole in her leg and continued to drain it and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. I instructed her to keep it covered as it healed. Anything getting inside would cause the infection to flare back up. 

She was back at it within 2 days. No antibiotics are necessary. I also have her on a high-quality probiotic which is a huge helper for gut health. Gut health is one of the key factors for overall true health. The healthier the gut, the healthier the human. Pictures are posted but are nasty. I wanted to show how it started and the process of its healing.

3. This next natural remedy I have used on myself, mostly. I can’t imagine many kids being able to handle this remedy well because it has some spice to it.  So, I used to get chronic strep throat back in 2017. It started in the fall of that year and began to affect me every 3-4 months. It was stress-induced…it was when I first started my business and I refused to slow down. I genuinely regret how I treated my body then because I am paying for it now. But, I learned a lot and I know so much more because of it.

As I was saying, I had gotten strep throat every 3-4 months for an entire year. The antibiotics were no longer working. I didn’t have a choice… I had to find a natural remedy. I am so glad I did because I HAVE NOT HAD strep throat SINCE!!! It’s been over 5 years. Anytime I feel a sore throat coming on I use this remedy and it kills it…within 24 hours.

The remedy is this:

1 garlic clove

Local unprocessed honey (any honey will do but local unprocessed is best)


I chop the garlic clove up as small as possible. And mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Then I sprinkle a few shakes of paprika on top. Usually 3-4. I eat this for 24 hours, every hour. I kid you not it knocks out any sickness within a 1-mile radius. I smell like garlic for a while, and although I don’t love I am willing to take it over being sick any day. 

I have never had to eat it for more than 24 hours but I would do it for longer if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: it can cause heartburn in some. I don’t get it, but my husband did. He popped a few calcium bites to help. I have no issue with these foods but someone else might be aware of that prior to diving in.

These are just a few witchy remedies for the Halloween season. A way to get us thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy as we hunker down into the colder months. 

Health & happiness,

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