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The Magic of October: Exploring the Heart of Autumn

The Magic of October: Exploring the Heart of Autumn
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Road trips: Keep it simple. Before technology families used to go on Sunday drives. It’s a fun treat to find new places and experience the seasons in other towns. I personally love mountain towns in the fall. You can often find local vineyards or breweries for a place to have lunch or find live music.

Pumpkin patch: Most towns and cities have a pumpkin patch experience for kids and families. These are super fun and range from simple to extravagant, but they’re always a treat.

Hikes: Hiking in the mountains in the fall is my absolute favorite thing. Most people have dissipated from the trails. The weather has cooled down enough to be pleasant. It turns off the brain and is my only form of true meditation. 

Coffee Spots: Once the weather breaks and the sun fades I love going to a local coffee spot to visit with a friend or to work for a bit. It’s a pleasant way to get out of my routine and enjoy some local community. I always try to go to a locally owned spot. It really does make a huge difference to them.

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