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What's Up in 2020

What's Up in 2020
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What can you expect from Petra de Luna Shop in 2020?!?!?!
We are going back to our roots. Petra de Luna Shop started as a textile company and that is what it will return to. We ventured into vintage, furniture, leather, and even dabbled in consignment while we had our brick & mortar. But that time is behind us now.
Expect to see tribal designs, Aztec styles and lots of native geometric shapes. Mix that with some seriously neutral colors and deep shades of brown, black, peach, cream and white. We are excited about what’s to come and we want you to be in the know.
Here’s what is in the works. Custom designed Mexican blankets that resemble our Zapotec Rug Collection from last fall. The inspiration for our colors is….YOU! Humanity. We want the colors of every skin tone on the planet to be incorporated in our palette.
Why the change of pace?
Well, after “The Great Flood of 2019” we had to re-evaluate our business plan. I was deeply in love with some directions we were heading, but not with others. I love the community we have built in the last few years. I love to curate and design products that are appreciated and make a space feel warm and stylish, but the one thing I crave more than anything is freedom. A brick & mortar did not provide freedom, and that is where our new business plan/idea comes into play.
I realize online is one of our greatest assets at this point in time, and I have yet to properly utilize it. . I have been searching, touring, talking and wandering to find our latest artisan partner. It has taken much longer than I would like to admit. I am finding my patience being tested in every way, but I know it will be worth it. I know you all will love what we are creating, designing and dreaming up. And now more than ever I need to have patience for these next steps to fall into place.
This upcoming collection of textiles is truly one from the heart. Completely coming from our inspiration of every single one of you and my deep love of Mexican culture. I hope it is well received as I have put every ounce of love I have left into it. As each of you have been our greatest supporters we will be offering you these beauties before anyone else on the market. Please anticipate a future email with our code for all of our email subscribers. We deeply appreciate all of you and the love and trust you have given us through our transitions and hardships. I couldn’t have done any of this without you and hope you love and adore this collection as much as I do. This collection was made especially for you.
Health & hugs,

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