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What Are You Good At?

What Are You Good At?
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I am good at some things. I can hit a softball REALLY hard and far. I know how to parallel park my car like a stuntman...(but only my car. A strange car and all deals are off.) Oh yeah, and I can find treasures and awesome artisans around the world and pick out some damn fine textiles! BUUUUTTT....
Here's an update for ya: I completely and truly suck at entrepreneurship. Hands down. Not in my skill set. So now what?!??? I guess it's going to take more learning. Ironic isn't it? I didn't go to grad school because I was done with having to learn. Started my own business and all it entails is constant learning, growing, studying, researching. I do not know how people do it. To anyone who is on this journey. I give you props. My hat's off to you and the adventure, knowledge and skills you have. I'll take some advice if you have it. A key component to your business success...anything? Anyone? Now would be a good time...
I'm off to go study!
Health & happiness,

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