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Petra de Luna Shop: Payment Plan Process

Petra de Luna Shop: Payment Plan Process
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I had an incredible experience with a company. In fact, it was flawless.
Here's what happened; I wanted a somewhat expensive product. I did not want to have to put it on my credit card. (I HATE credit. Credit is death to me!) With ZERO pressure they offered me a payment plan process. (Essentially layaway...) I put a little money down every month to apply to anything I want. I happen to buy from them all the time. And the products and services are not necessarily cheap. Taking a huge chunk of $$ every 4-5 months is a hit for my part-time-working-mama-budget. This was such a huge relief! I want what they have, but I don't want to be completely broke or go in debt for it. Voila...Problem solved!
Here's what it did for Petra de Luna Shoppers. It made me realize what I am asking of all of you. Some of you want what I have but also do not want to have to spend a huge chunk of change or put it on credit. What does this mean? Petra de Luna Shop is now offering payment plans. This can be applied towards product or travel. I do not want my clients and customers to go in to debt for what I am offering...Ever! Don't get pulled into that trap. I refuse to be a business that allows that. People get divorced over debt, the stress of it tears up relationships, bodies and minds. I will not allow Petra de Luna Shop to be a part of the reason someone has more stress in their life.
Of course this will need some organization. And I have hummed and hawed over how to do this. Finally I came to a conclusion. Below I will list a disclosure of the process and the agreement of how it will work.
Petra de Luna Shop Payment Plan Process:
1.) A payment plan will be discussed for either product/travel. This spot/product will be held for the individual with a deposit.* {20% of the product and/or service.}
2.) Payments will be processed on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs and wants of you!
3.) Once paid in full a receipt will be sent to your email for confirmation. Your product will then be shipped to you. For any travel payments, once you are paid in full you will receive a formal email with travel itinerary.
*Deposit is non-refundable, but any payments made thereafter are 100% refundable to you.
That's it! No pressure. No sleazy sales. Just an opportunity to have something you want without the weight. Please let me know if you have questions, comments or concerns. I am all ears!
Health & happiness,

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