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The Magic of Oaxaca...

The Magic of Oaxaca...
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What can I say? I kinda started Petra de Luna Shop purely with traveling on the forefront of my mind. I love it. Traveling. Take me anywhere. The more underdeveloped, the better. For me that means it has not been influenced as much by the rest of the world.  I love the experience of it. I love to travel domestically. I love the US, and Mexico...and Guatemala...and Europe. Especially the Czech Republic. Oh, can't forget about Ireland. For some of us travel is in our DNA. Going to Oaxaca was no exception.
The plaza in downtown Oaxaca.
Oaxaca was stunning. A gorgeously created city with Spanish colonial style and a strong sense of community.  I loved sitting at the restaurants in the plaza and people watching. We spent hours there. The locals sell, as they do. The Mariachi bands played, as they do. The people sat, ate, drank and gathered and it was so much fun just being a part of it. I am enamored with Mexico. The romantic part of me would love to sell all my belongings, move my family there and live a quiet life. Living off our own land and riding horses around with the locals. Reality...well, reality is obviously much different from my romantic dreams. I may not be able to move there...yet, but I did get to shop there! And let me tell you...the people of Oaxaca are of great, deeply rooted tradition in their professions.
Oscar, a local Zapotec artist. He has indigo in his hand that he uses to dye the rugs you see behind him.
We were able to find different markets throughout the city and a couple on the outskirts. They had some of the most beautiful leather work I have ever seen! Magnificently tanned and hand sewn with centuries of traditional hecho a mano (handmade) lacing. The wool work and nature dying process is bar none the best I have ever seen. They use a parasite from the local cacti to dye the wool, as well as indigo. It was such a joy learning how the Zapotec people have been doing dying this way for centuries. The beauty of the people, the culture, traditions and their fight to stay true to their roots. It moves me. Makes me love the people of Mexico. It makes me proud to be a part of the ethnicity. Till next time Oaxaca...
Take a look at some of the photos of the our trip!
Me...happy to be going to Oaxaca, and that I'm eating a donut.
Fully in market mode. Shopping for Petra de Luna inventory.
The cobble stone streets and mortar work of the Zapotecs.
Market goodies.

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