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Sweet Mortality...

Sweet Mortality...
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Are you ever overcome with a great feeling of gratitude? As a kid I would envision a life for myself that involved peace and adventure. Never did I imagine I would be caring for 3 children and a husband. They are my people...and when I think of them and how much joy they bring to my life, it overwhelms me. Hits me at the most random, unexplainable times. Like, walking to the check out of a grocery store. Or when I catch my oldest daughter practicing her handstands in her room. It happens when I am focused on them and my heart is open for connection. The feeling is a bit like nostalgia and a deep, ache that almost hurts. I have this feeling a lot. Not sure why. Not sure what it means. Am I different from most? Probably not, but I do believe it's in those moments that we have a choice. A moment comes when we can truly send out all the love we feel deep in our soul to another being. Or we can let it pass us by. It has taken me years to get comfortable with myself, and confident enough with the possibility of another person rejecting me. Since I am more self aware I find that those moments must never be passed up. Ever. That is the moment to act. To pass love to another. To connect. To give freely without getting anything in return. These are the moments that drop me to my knees. The moments that make the mythological gods jealous of our mortality. It's the sweetness in life. It is letting another human being know they are important. And when you really think about it...There is no greater gift to give than letting someone know they are important. They have value. I always tell my kids this and I hope they remember it when I am long gone; Everyone has value. Everyone matters. Not everyone knows it.
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