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Oaxaca Bound...Will You Join?!

Oaxaca Bound...Will You Join?!
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Oaxaca or Bust...
For those of you I haven't had the joy of meeting, I am Yolanda. I run the mini hustle I call Petra de Luna Shop. I travel every 2-3 months to various states in Mexico to buy goods from Mexican artists.
This is the first time I am inviting others to join me. I believe the most memorable moments are made in traveling with ones you care deeply about. Not only do I want to share the experience with my favorite people on the planet (my friends I've met through business) but I also want to share the beauty and depth of Mexico.
I could go on and on about my love for this country and my Mexican people, but I will leave some curiosity for you! With that being said there are obviously logistics that need to be figured out. Here is how it will happen if you choose to come.
1.) Travel dates: September 13-18; Thursday to Tuesday. This allows us to see Market Day and to experience a Friday and Saturday night in the zocalo. Flight into Oaxaca will be a direct red-eye.
2.) Included: The costs will include airfare, hotel, private car & shuttle (touring and airport carpool), tour of Mezcal Distillery and a trip to local textile artists studio.
3.) Time Frame: 4 nights
4.) Costs: $850 for each person
5.) Payment: August 2 is the last day to confirm with $150 deposit (non-refundable).  The rest of the funds are due one month prior to departure. Payment can be received via PayPal, Venmo or Square. Payment plans are also an option.
I will be in touch periodically. I will also be updating photos on Instagram about Oaxaca. I am not one that believes the more, the merrier. I want this to a fun, intimate and unique experience for all of you. That means I am maxing out at 7 spots. 2 spots have paid their deposit.
I hope to have some of your beautiful faces with me on this trip. It will be one for the books! I hope to continue to show people the true heart and soul of Mexico with more trips to come.
Thanks for your interest and happy travels!
Health & hugs,

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