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Simplifying Petra de Luna Shop

Simplifying Petra de Luna Shop
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Unfortunately I have been having a very frustrating summer. This is a tough time for Petra de Luna Shop. My kids are home and they seem to consume every ounce of me. I am not able have a regular schedule to keep the momentum of my business going. Everything seems to come to an abrupt halt.
It's fine. I have slowly tried to learn to accept it. Heck, I even tried to prepare for it, but it always seems to catch me off guard. This down time does, however; give me a chance to evaluate what I am doing and how I want my business to grow. I have been dabbling in a bit of everything. Leather, textiles, jewelry, vintage, furniture. And this has helped me come to a conclusion. I need to stick with ONE category. Just ONE. It's come down to textiles. This woman could not live without texture and textiles in her life!
I have decided to break it down to be as simple and easy for both buyer and business. Every week I post/update textiles on my site/Instagram/Pinterest. Done. Sounds easy enough. Let's hope I stick to the plan. (Something I tend to do is veer off plans, any plan.) I am very good at over complicating things and making them seem much harder than they are. Fingers crossed I can put my head down and just DO.
So here's to finishing the summer with a little organization.  A little gusto. To getting back in the game and to keep fighting for the life I want to design for myself. Please, please, please...Comment or let me know what you are looking for from me. As a customer, consumer and friend I love your feedback. You are all the reason I am able to continue this journey. Please let me serve you as best I can by telling me exactly what you need from me.
Health & hugs,

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