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Petra de Luna: Building & Empowering Humanity

Petra de Luna: Building & Empowering Humanity
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Our business community is more important than ever. You see some of our Mexican blankets are loomed in Tlaxcala. A state within Mexico. Tlaxcala also happens to be a major global hub for producing car parts; in fact Mexico's automotive industry is second largest in the Western Hemisphere. I don't know how many people it employees but we can be sure it is A LOT. 
Here's where our community comes in. 2020/21 has hit the global economy hard. Tlaxcala and the automotive industry are producing less and therefore laying off people by the thousands. Interesting fact: many of these people were once artists; textile designers & loomers that moved into the production industry for more security and stability for their families.  
Now, as they are laid-off from these manufacturing jobs they turn to their looms once again. YOUR support, OUR business and many other artisan based businesses are helping these communities not only survive, but THRIVE.
You see...our business is growing rapidly. I am not able to keep up with the growth that is currently happening. Not necessarily because it is happening too fast, but because I have 3 kids home online "schooling" full-time. Finding a freaking balance between work, school and keeping our mental sanity has been challenging. This year has been hard for me. I haven't been inspired or motivated. Until this....this right here. This is what inspires me. Helping humanity. I will hands down go into battle and work harder for humanity. For mamas & dads...for kids. Mine or any other. 
I believe in building community and business because I believe in humanity. I love that our business helps other businesses and families within Mexico. I wish I had the skill set to make this happen throughout the entire world. This is why I believe in business community. This is what happens when businesses are run with morals, values and ethics...This is what happens when we put humans first. It empowers.
Our blankets are not made by one person or one family; they are made by a community. Every order allows for more families to be supported during these unbelievably difficult times.  Build community...Empower. 
So, here we go. A new perspective set before us that not only builds community but empowers humanity. I believe in this. I believe in this with my whole heart...
Time to get to work.
Health & hugs,
Image: Credit Expedia Travel  

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