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2021 Zion National Park 1/2 Marathon Fundraiser

2021 Zion National Park 1/2 Marathon Fundraiser
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Alright ya'll...I am doing something!!! Something a bit out there for me these days. I used to jog all the time. I have finished countless half marathons, some even just for fun! I have even run the Chicago Marathon during an Indian Summer...of which I may never commit to again! The point is I wanted to commit to doing something that was beyond me and for something bigger than myself. 
So...what better way for me to do this than by sponsoring a non-profit that utilizes the funds for protecting, cleaning and taking care of our precious national park, Zion?! This is the area I will be running the half marathon. I am excited, nervous and eager to get back to this gorgeous place. 
Please help me in donating, sponsoring or simply sharing this information. I feel it is my responsibility to help protect the places that I love so deeply. Maybe you do to...

Please help me out in raising money for one of the most beautiful places in our country. A place I hope exists beyond humanity...My goal is to raise $1000 by the end of January 2021. All proceeds fundraised go to the Wander Project a non-profit.

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