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Momming Is Teaching Me How To Manage My Biz

Momming Is Teaching Me How To Manage My Biz
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Lately I have been more busy as a mama than I have as a business woman. This leaves me feeling very vulnerable in how I am running my business. Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing anything right? What do I do NOW? How do I market? How do I get another customer? Where do I focus my very limited time? I seriously overthink my life, but I have a feeling this is a woman thing...{In no way trying to sound sexist, but we tend to overthink A LOT!}bossfreedom

But you know what??? I stinking love it. I love the challenge of not knowing how to run a business and having to focus my energy somewhere. I adore learning and realizing just how much I don't know. I also LOVE being mama bear and having days of letting it all go. Being with my 3 year old son while he's still just a nugget. I am the lucky one that gets to shape his {and his big sisters'} little hearts and minds... THAT always brings me back to reality. It keeps my priorities in check.

When I really ponder on it all...being mama and running a biz are really not that different. It's hard at don't know what you're doing. It's messy; mistakes are being made left and right. You try to do everything perfect and want to protect your baby as best you can. Half the time you are focused on the wrong things and doing crazy research on the internet that seems to make you more stressed out! In the end, you and your babies end up just fine. Healthy and happy...peaceful and loved.

Will my business grow in the same way my kids have? I don't know. Most days I hate not knowing what the heck I'm doing. Other days I am laser focused and think I am a professional. It's a real mind f#%&. But I know this; I will not stop. I will continue to learn, and grow. I'll keep developing my business senses and pushing forward into the vast {very vast} unknown business world.

To all my fellow momming small business owners: any and all advice is welcome! Let me know how you built your business? Your brand? Your foundations? Your families? I am all ears...

Health, hugs & happiness,


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