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I love Petra de Lunistas!

I love Petra de Lunistas!
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I am still fairly new to business so I am learning the ropes of the whole thing. The one thing I DO know is this: Petra de Luna shoppers are simply THE BEST PEOPLE! Such good-hearted, kind, fun-loving people. Every person I get to talk to has amazing stories, fun adventures and crazy things to chat about! How lucky are we to have the honor of serving you!?

I am learning to focus on things I am grateful for and all of you are such great blessings in our lives. So...for all of you who are reading this; THANK YOU!!! Thank you for taking the time to be our people, thanks for checking out our shop, thank you for the chats, and thank you for your appreciation of our business. We love you; we adore you. You are appreciated so much. Every trip we take, every treasure we hunt for, and every event we are a part of...We do our best to focus on YOU. I am not sure how to separate business from friends & family because the two go hand-in-hand for me. I want everyone who takes the time for us to feel as though they are our friend, our family and they truly matter...because they do. I have such a great time meeting all of you and can't wait for the all the people I still have yet to meet.

THANK YOU...and as always,

Health, hugs & happiness,




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