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How to Decorate a Rental??? Anyone?

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Hey ya'll,

One of my favorite things to do in my "down" time...I use quotes because I have 3 kids. {What that really means is I am ignoring my children and playing on my phone.} Anyways, I enjoy looking at how other women and moms decorate their homes. Right now I am really feeling the outdoors being brought in look. I want it to feel like a jungle in my home. It doesn't. I have 2 plants; a potted Douglas fir that we used last Christmas. He is dried up and I am certain he won't make it to next year, and a money tree that my husband gifted me. The cat seems to like tearing it up so it looks a bit disheveled. Here is a photo of our current look:

There are wires hanging off the TV. I still don't know what to do with that. Like the title says, this is a rental so I don't wanna do any tearing up of walls. The white shelf was put there by the landlord and I can't wait to rip it off the darn wall. I have a fun mirror I want to put there, but time keeps slipping away. I hope by writing this I am pushing myself to do the "after" shot very soon. So for now I feel as though we have an okay start and we just gotta slowly collect fun pieces and add them to our place as we go. I hope our "after" has more pizazz.

My inspirations comes from a few places:

The Jungalow by Justina Blakeney: This girl has serious style. If I could spend 10 minutes interviewing her I would be in Heaven.

The DesignJunkie: This woman has a great sense of texture and color. She mixes them really well and they are two things I love in my home.

Censational Girl: A lady who can change things on a dime. I am all about saving money and DIY. Unfortunately I am not very good at DIY and I make shortcuts a lot. I find her inspiring for ideas, but in the end I don't really do-it-myself.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know...I would love to know what other people do with their space, and how they bring their style into their homes. 'Till next time...

Health & happiness,


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