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Styled Portland
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How many business owners do you know that help from a place of kindness? I have met some, but not many. To be honest, the vibes I usually get are kinda cutthroat. And you know what??...I get it. Business is hard. It's tricky. And when you're first starting IT FEELS IMPOSSIBLE! A lot of business owners see each other as the competition. {This is simply not true! There is enough to go around...for real.}
So how did I ease the pain and fear of starting a business? How did I navigate through shady influencers/collaborators/business owners? In all truth it had a lot to do with my first business to business collaboration. I will never forget it. She was lovely...
My first collaboration was with a kind and extremely driven young lady. @Styledportland was her Instagram handle. For starters, she reached out to me! I don't think I would have tried influencers if she hadn't shown me such kindness. I figured she was a great business woman already. She had me curious but I was in no place to really understand what I was getting myself into. I was vulnerable and in the dark about what an influencer was. She had every opportunity to take advantage of me...but you know what she did? She told me exactly what to expect and how it worked. Then she gave me a more than fair quote for her VERY timely, professional and darling photos plus shout outs.
Now, I have to admit I did not maximize the opportunities that she presented to my business. Not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't know what I was doing. Now I know better. But Miss Styled Portland had gone BEYOND her end of the deal. In terms of business when you under promise and over deliver that is how you build, grow, last, love. That is how your reputation builds you an empire. Styled Portland helped me understand HOW SHE GREW HER INSTAGRAM FOLLOWING!!! I was curious as to how she did it. How long did it take? How did she create so much content? Was it hard? She was transparent, kind and above all...helpful. {All VERY RARE qualities in business!}
Styled Portland has a serious eye behind her camera. She has an unbelievable Instagram influence and a trustworthy reputation.I have every intention of continuing collaborations with Miss Styled Portland. If you're interested in finding out about collaborating with @styledportland her info is below:
INSTAGRAM: @styledportland
Photo: Travel Portland

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