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San Diego Gems...

San Diego Gems...
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I have been wanting to write a post about a few GEMS I have found in America's Finest City. For a world that is largely moving online I find the experience of these GEMS to be quite...homey. As in, they make me feel as though I am at my own home. I personally love this feeling. The reason I choose these places, these people are because of the experiences and emotions they evoke in me when I choose to do business with them. So without further ado...My list:

1.} San Diego {North Park} Vintage Flea Market; This market is phenomenal! I love everything vintage. I love people who are in love with "the hunt". And I love North Park. I mean, it doesn't get any better than this. I remember the first time I experienced The San Diego Vintage Flea Market. So many emotions for me. It was the same feeling I get from Christmas time! My favorite time of year. It wasn't just the amazing choice of vendors and was more than that. The people were all ready for the hustle and bustle of business and haggling. The shoppers and neighborhood folk were out and on the prowl for fun, food and coffee. The vendors were energetic and the go against the grain kinda crowd. The once-nerdy-but-now-cool-kids who have an eye for precious, old, forgotten treasures. The kind of people that find beauty in all the non-traditional places. These kinda folk are my people!

2.} Dee's Newbreak Coffee; My living room away from home. I am here at least 3-4 times a week. I had to stop and ask myself why? It's not the trendiest coffee shop in Ocean Beach. In fact, it's not even all that cute or appealing to the eye from the inside or the outside. The reason I love it is for one thing and one thing only; community. I love the unusual regulars that show up nearly everyday to share a cup o' joe. I love the ladies behind the counter and their down-to-earth, genuine hearts. I can't even tell you how phenomenal the chef is! Most breakfast places don't put a strong emphasis on the quality of their breakfast food and how it is cooked. The Newbreak chef, Mayra, is top of the line. This woman puts her heart and soul into scrambled eggs like no one else. I refuse to eat anywhere else for breakfast. I just can't do it. I've tried...I'll always come back to this place. It is my home away from home.

3.} This last one is kind of an odd place to add to the list but I simply can't leave it off. It's near and dear to my heart because it has helped heal my body, my sleep, my back pain, foot pain...All while making me feel as though they are friends of mine. Gohl Chiropractic Clinic. That's right. A chiropractic clinic has created such an exuberant experience for me that I am willing to write about how much I love them in my blog!

First there is Belle. A sweet, kind, pretty young woman that greets you at the front desk. She is personable, organized and professional. Belle is the face of the business and she is VERY committed and wonderful at what she does. Although the actual decor of the place feels clinical Belle makes you feel welcome and at home. She will chat with you about your kids, your work, your scheduling problems... or just YOU! There are not many people with gentle souls that offer such wonderful customer care at such a young age. Belle is top notch people.

Then of course there is Dr. Joseph Kametz. He is the owner of the practice and the chiropractor providing his services. I have to say, I was hesitant about the idea of chiropractors. Too many bad stories, too many bad chiropractors. Once Dr Joe spoke with me about his holistic approach to body alignment and healing...I was in! It wasn't just what he said it was how he always made me feel welcome. Constantly encouraging me about my body's process to heal and it's powerful abilities. I didn't feel as though I found a chiropractor. I feel as though I found a friend who offered me his amazing chiropractic services. I will never stop referring him to my people. I drive 40 minutes one way to see him because of the wonderful changes in my body's alignment, sleep and overall well-being. I also feel as though I have gained a newfound, health-conscious advocate and a younger, more vibrant body!

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