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Petra de Luna Shop as of Late...

Petra de Luna Shop as of Late...
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Well...we did it! Officially opened our doors in November of 2018. It was not an easy thing to do. Everything started off with excellent momentum. We were rockin' it...and then December hit. We had a bit of a snag. With people waiting to get into the shop one day, we open the doors to "The Great Flood" (as we call it). To say it was heartbreaking would be an understatement, and not only did this happen once, but twice!
Lessons were learned, products were damaged, our momentum halted...but our faith, strong. I'd be lying if I said I was 100% confident in my ability to lead this tiny OB shop. A bit more trial and error than ever imagined, but our belief in this little thing is growing.
We are still focused on building community. OB has a something unique that draws in a rare breed of human. It isn't just about making the most money for us...It's about becoming a little piece of fabric in the community. Having the locals come in to say hi even if they aren't buying anything. Hearing neighbors honk and wave to say hello or show their support as they drive by. Getting to know the locals both human and creatures. These wonderful people look for unique pieces. They want to buy from their neighbors and friends. It matters to them where their dollar is spent. The support, love and kindness makes this easy even when the money isn't there.
When Petra de Luna Shop started we wanted to bring unique, global, artisan finds to you. Even then the goal was to build community within and around us. It still remains the same today. We hope to stay true to the roots of this shop as the name runs deep. Petra de Luna was a woman with a kind soul and an open door. She was someone I treasured and she always made me feel beyond loved and welcomed. I hope I can offer you a fraction of what she gave me.
Health, hugs & happiness,

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