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My Month Off Update

My Month Off Update
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I vowed to take a month off from events for all of October. This post is an update for the first 2 weeks.
UPDATE: So far I have gotten more rest. {Definitely good.} I am less reactive to my littles when they are whiny and grouching at me. {A positive.} I have had more time to spend with family & friends on the weekends. {Important.} I'm able to focus more in online sales & content. This is the direction I am trying to take my business so this is key. However; there is always a downside to taking time off.
Okay, let's get real. I be broke. My business is a year old and most of my sales are from events. No events = less sales. Waaaay less sales. Also, when there is no $$ coming in on my end I tend to get a bit stressed out. It's just my nature since becoming a mama bear. I think there is a switch that goes off in your head once you have children that allows an excessive amount of stress & anxiety to take place in your life. My switch has flipped and it's necessary for me to bring in a little bacon to have less worry.
Though my sales/income is down I have decided peace of mind is priceless. My kids love having mama at their beck & call. I have been able to make meals and snacks from SCRATCH. From scratch ya'll...I know other mamas know what I mean, but if you don't... It's time consuming, sometimes hours in the kitchen. It calls for recipes and meal planning. It's less crap in our mouths and a more happy family. My kids are ecstatic when I make my "cookies" {I will post a recipe of them at some point.}
No events has also meant slow weekend mornings. Enjoying coffee with my husband instead of a 5 am wake up to rush out the door.  I have the time & energy to create a few furniture pieces and ideas. Imagining ways to update my business. Learning new skills. Reading.
All of these things I now have time for are priceless. Through my 2 weeks off I have realized just how much I get caught up in the rat race. I lose focus...I let other people's ideas & ways influence me. When in reality I have NEVER yearned to make tons of money. My heart has always longed to be free. To have the option of saying f#$% it; I'm outta here. My freedom and peace of mind should be non-negotiable. Lately I have been selling my soul to the devil himself.  It's taken a lot of reflection and maturity to help me see the value in my business and myself. I am realizing it's a process and I will always be in a constant state of ebb & flow. Thankfully this month my flow is growth of heart...
Health, happiness & hugs,

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