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How to Refresh a Space With One Product!!

How to Refresh a Space With One Product!!
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I have been wanting to talk about refreshing space since the beginning of January. It's a great time to reorganize and refresh your space. Once Christmas is over it feels almost empty once all the decor is put away and the tree is gone. So for me, a super frugal-almost-too-cheap-kinda-girl, I don't like putting tons of money into the idea of refreshing a space. I put it into ONE product. That's it. And it changes the game entirely! It's so simple yet so few people take the time to truly hunt for this single most amazing thing. It warms a room up, finishes it, holds all things together and creates comfort in a moment. Have you guessed it yet!? A RUG!!!
A rug is so much more than just something to lay on the floor. It has to have a strong presence so the eye will be drawn to it. It has to create warmth and all those toasty-cozy feels that make us love our homes. Size has to be just right; too small and it looks weird, too big and it just won't fit! In my opinion a rug should also have some history to it. I love buying used rugs. Personally, I like to buy them in person so I can see it, feel it, know the material and it sounds weird but I have to make sure it doesn't smell funky! Old rugs can often come with people's history and their animals...just a heads up. Online buying can be tricky but not impossible. Find a trusty-worthy vendor or shop and you have found yourself a a rug goldmine!!
Here are some solid examples of what a rug can do for all kinds of spaces:
{Photo credits: LEFT image | Instagram @labohemehouseofwishingtrees | RIGHT image | Pinterest Olivia Lenning}
Bathroom space feels cozy. A sunroom can be used as guest space. With a rug like that it feels like the master bedroom!
Here's more:
This bedroom holds a lot of things to create a wonderful space. White walls, texture, greenery, photos and raw wood...but the rug is what pops. Without the rug the room would feel cold and washed out.
This next photo is one of my favorites. It is the quintessential definition of how a rug ties a room together. Take a look:
{Image: from }
This office space is to die for!!! And it's all thanks to that gorgeous rug. I promise this room was either inspired by that rug or they went on a super-hunt for just the right rug...and I bet it took forever!
Well that's it. I have nothing more for you. I have been super busy trying to get my stuff put in stores. It is hard to get an online shop moving forward when your inventory is tied up in other places. I hope to get the two sides of my business running smoothly together at some point! Have a good rest of your February and I hope to write more soon!
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