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How to Increase Your Business Value

How to Increase Your Business Value
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I am not an expert in business. Faaaar from it. Most of my struggles are probably covered in Business 101 classes. I may never know as much as corporate gurus, and you know what?! I don't give a rats ass. I did not start Petra de Luna Shop to make millions. I am not here to take over the world. I have no intention of sacrificing my life for building a giant corporation. Now, please don't get it confused; I am not taking away from these people or industries. They obviously know what they're doing. All I am saying is the deeper I dig... The more I learn the "secrets" of the business world there is one thing that continuously slaps me in the face, and it is simple.
It's not what you know...It's WHO you know.
Sounds kinda sad...right? Well,'s not. I don't mean that you have to know the Warren Buffets or Bill Gates of the business world to find your idea of success. So what I do mean? I mean...Know your clients! Know the people you are serving! Who are they? What are their struggles? What problems are you fixing for them? Do you know them? Understand them? Do you care? And if you have employees or business partners...Do you know them? Do you understand their struggles? Do they understand their role in the business and why they are important?
Knowing people and getting to know people is all about building community. That's it. Build the relationships around you and your business. Do I know that the money will come? Nope. I am still in the process of doing this myself. I am not rich. I struggle with cash flow balance just like all of you. But... I research. I study. I listen. I am constantly learning. And something deep in my gut tells me this is pure gold. Why? Well...think of all the people that choose to shop at events that provide an experience for their families. Think of how often you go to an event because of the community that it has built? Think if that community could be you {and your business}!? Getting to know your customers and clients is kind of a lost art in the digital world. Building that relationship creates loyalty and friendship between you and your clients.'s awesome. People are awesome. I didn't always think so...but I understand now that it was because I wasn't very awesome either.
So I challenge all of you to step outside your comfort zone. Don't go for the quick sale. Go for the long haul. Ask them what you could do for them? What they need from you? And you might be surprised what could happen... All I know is so far it is working for me!
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