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3 Ways to Grow Your Tiny Business

3 Ways to Grow Your Tiny Business
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Here's what I learned to focus on for growth...

1.) Expose more. Calls to Action are necessary for you to make sales. Period. There is no way around it. Email campaigns, Instagram posts & stories, FB ads. No call to action means no one buys. I am learning that marketing isn't about the what but about the how. How are people going to use it? Love it? How is it going to make them feel? How will they feel when they have it in their hands? Think of the how and then deliver it to them via marketing!

2.) Find out what people want. What are you fulfilling? So I used to think I was selling blankets to people. I really still have that idea in my head, but it's just not the truth. I am actually selling them an idea. An idea of what it means to be in this world; traveling, living in freedom and being a free spirited adventurer! People will buy what you believe in, not your product. I am still learning this one and find it captivating my imagination.

3.) Know your numbers. How much goes in is awesome but how much is going out is even more important! This is where profit comes from. When I first transitioned from hobby to actually running a business I realized I was ooozing money left and right simply by not knowing. I used Spreadsheets and ultimately have hired help to keep me honest and accounted for. It isn't always fun but numbers really don't lie.

For the first year of my "business" I made hundreds per month. I was happy with that, working when and if I wanted to. At a certain point I was ready for more and began to move beyond the hundreds into the thousands. It required more time, more effort, and more hard work. I realized I wasn't creating a scalable or sustainable business. Only this year have I committed to building and creating a scalable and sustainable business that will not require me to work harder or more, but just smarter. I have learned some great insights and continue to learn as I grow. Life is a wonderful teacher, but business...I find it is much like having children. As they grow; you grow too. 

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