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Girl on the Go! Night Spa

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This is my first post about one of our fellow business friends! This awesome place is located in the Golden Hill area of San Diego. I randomly stumbled upon her one day because of my great ability to procrastinate. Here's what happened.
You see, I am a mama of 3. Alone time is a treasure...I mean a true treasure. One afternoon I found myself...alone! It literally took me 30 minutes to figure out what to do with myself because it is such a rare occurrence. I finally decided I wanted a facial. A good one. I figured it was time to start investing in some serious self care as I enter my middle of life years. So I did what most of us do; I Googled it. I wanted to drop-in for a facial, no reservation. Thus began the rejections! Nope; we need at least 24 hours advance notice. No. No. Not available. We close at 5. No, sorry. We're booked.
Honestly, I was shocked that no one was more willing to book me as I was willing to pay ANY amount of money. Finally I looked up "night spa". There they were; my knight in shining armor: Girl on the Go! Night Spa. Open until 10 pm! I called and within 2 minutes I was booked and on my way. They scheduled me for a drop-in facial...immediately.
It was easy to find. Well mapped and in a great up & coming area of San Diego. Parking was street side. {I haven't had an issue finding parking any time I go.} It's located in a cute, modern style building with other small business owners. Girl on the Go! was perfectly tucked in the back.
I walked into a pristine, very clean and excellently decorated small spa. White walls {eeeek!!! I LOVE white walls!!!!} and pops of texture and color make the space feel perfect for a tired mother/business owner. It was a place of peace; exactly what I was looking for. The ladies were immediately helpful and welcoming. They knew who to expect and asked about my needs. Offered me cucumber water. {A favorite of mine.} Once we had a plan for my face they allowed me time to relax and use the restroom and assured me there was no rush. {Being rushed is a huge pet-peeve of mine!}
Here is the kicker for this awesome place. The women. Are. AMAZING!!! I have been to places that gave me great facials but were rude and pretentious. I have been to places that were kind and sweet but I wasn't impressed with the actual facial care. Girl on the Go!  women are kind, gentle and warm professionals. They made me feel like I was a friend, not a customer.
Once I was in for my facial I'm pretty sure I started snoring within 5 minutes. It was magical. I felt exactly the way I had expected. Relaxed. Peaceful. I was reset and rejuvenated in that hour. A fan for life.
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