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Free Spirited & Hand Loomed

Free Spirited & Hand Loomed
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F R E E  S P I R I T E D  &  H A N D  L O O M E D

Visualizing is a process I love. Getting to take inspiration from cultures, people, places and a whole lotta landscape. Colors from Mother Earth make it easy to want to replicate her into some art form. The mountains, valleys, rivers, hills and all her edges & curves in between.
I often sketch my designs horribly on paper to find out if I can visualize them in life. In a home, on a rug, in a bed, anywhere I feel inspired I will close my eyes & imagine it to life. There is not one thing I have created without "seeing" it first. By that I mean in my head...if it doesn't come to me in a vision first, I cannot find a way to create it. 
I love getting inspired and traveling to new places, countries and cultures. Mexico is obviously high on the list. One place in particular that I found wonderful inspiration was Mexico City. Now, please do not get it twisted, I did not love Mexico City very much.  What I did love was the architecture, the colors, the greenery, the decor, inspiring restaurants...I remember drawing, sketching and doodling after exploring the magical place all day. This was where our current Mexican Blanket Collection was imagined. I never thought it would actually come to life. I was just creating and visualizing. That was over 2 years ago...and here we are now.
Taking my visions and having them created by artists has often felt like "cheating". I feel that true artists visualize AND create their products. Maybe I am a purist? I don't know...but I have come to peace with the realization that maybe I am not an artist, but a visionary. My role is not to be the one who does it all...I cannot loom. I cannot create spools out of wool. I do not know how to get the colors needed or the process of dyeing. That is not where my strength lies, but it does not matter that I cannot do these things. I am not supposed to...I leave that to Oscar, an artist. He is a wonderful artisan partner and friend. It is in this space of understanding one another that Oscar & I are able to come together free spirited & hand loomed.

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