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Bohemian Style Beach Must Haves

Bohemian Style Beach Must Haves
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I have to be honest here. When I originally moved to Southern California I did not like heat. Now, it's not super hot here but it gets warm. I have been here for 16 years and I can finally admit that I LOVE THE SUN!!! I can't live in cold anymore. I just don't want to. I love having the freedom of life outdoors all year...spring & fall in shorts...summers in a bathing covered in sand and salty water. This is my idea of Heaven! So for that reason I am taking the time to make a tribute to all the accessories that I personally love...for the beach. And just so you know...I am not cool enough to get paid for this. Please don't think this is paid advertising. It's not. I simply love beach life.
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Beach Must Haves:
1.) A killer tote. I like mine with texture. As I do with all things. And this one takes the cake for me. Simple, fun, classic but unique. I would take this to the beach, the pool, walking on the pier. All summer long this would be my go-to girl.
MOOSSHOP beach tote
2.) Any kaftan|dress|cover-up from Jen's Pirate Booty. WOWZA!! I found this site a while back and have yet to buy anything. Not because I don't want to, but because everything I try to order is already SOLD OUT! This stuff is light & airy. Flowy & feminine but with an edge. jens pirate booty
3.) As I get older I tend to gravitate towards beach hats. It's easier for me than slathering thick, greasy sunscreen all over my face. I usually just buy mine from the local swap meet here in San Diego. Here are a couple I really love:
tribal-straw-hat-brands                          straw beach hat
4.) My favorite thing about the beach is what I am going to lay on. I take great pride in what I put my rump roast on. I am a fan of yours truly...Seriously, Petra de Luna Shop. My own round beach towels and mandala tapestries are what we use.  I looked into buying a round beach towel before and was blown away at the prices. I decided to get some for my own shop and lowered the price by over $60! These are my personal favs: Azteca round Beach Towel {left image} and Mulberry Mandala Tapestry {right image}
2017 02 06 - Petra de Luna-77                             Mulberry Mandala
Those are just a few key necessities for beach days.
Obviously don't forget the sunscreen and possibly sunglasses!
{I'm cheap with shades...I buy mine for $5 at the swap meet.  I don't, however, skimp on quality sunscreen.}
Enjoy... Salt in the air and sand in your hair.
Health, hugs & happiness,

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