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5 Most Important Things I Have Learned As A Small Business Owner

5 Most Important Things I Have Learned As A Small Business Owner
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  • The right people matter! Mentors|Employees|Friends|Authors|Podcasts

Who you surround yourself with and what you expect from them and yourself is going to determine what direction your life and business is going in. I used to think networking was for wealthy pricks, and to be honest I still hate that word!!! It sounds pretentious to me, but it is the most important business skill I have learned to date. It’s not about what people can do for you…It’s about learning what people need from YOU. How can you fill a need and serve another person so they feel COMPELLED to tell others? It isn’t about making money…It is about building a relationship. This skill is priceless.

  • Track your numbers. Not knowing your numbers means you aren’t in business. It’s more of a hobby. How can you know where you need to improve if you don’t know where you are at? I track everything and use all the analytics to see where our people’s attention is coming from. Numbers are not necessarily the most important thing, but they let you know how effective you are being. I like having feedback because it motivates me to push harder.
  • Expose your business. This one is the hardest thing for me. I prefer face-to-face interactions. Call me old school but I am good with nearly anyone! I can even handle the awkward weird people that make most feel uncomfortable. I don’t know why, but I just believe that everyone is looking for connection in some form or another and I am not afraid to give it to them. (I do not, however; deal well with assholes!!!) So being good with people doesn’t mean I am a great marketer. In fact, it means the opposite. I suck at marketing!!! I have zero ideas how to connect with people online or through social media. I try…Boy, do I try, but it may forever be a mystery to me. This one thing can make or break a business though. It is VERY important. I am learning slowly how I want to represent my brand and company. Knowing my brand allows me to do a little at a time to make bigger impacts. I am just now seeing results after 2.5 years.
  • Learning is going to determine your income. I hate that line. I used to think it was stupid. How does learning make you poor or wealthy!? I felt like if I just worked HARDER I would make MORE! But turns out…that isn’t necessarily true. I busted my ass for years as a server and then as an assistant teacher. Only to realize that I was capped out by either hours or a pay ceiling. I didn’t want anyone telling me how much I could or couldn’t make. I wanted to determine that. And that is where my adventures in learning began! I study about business, marketing, people, mindset, failure. But mostly I study myself. How can I be better? What is hindering me from moving forward? Am I someone I would look up to when I was 20? What kind of person do I want to become? How can I be a better leader? Mama? Wife? I will be honest…I am not an angel. Just ask my family. I get grumpy. I suffer from anxiety a lot (though I am getting better). I often see the downside before I see the good. But all these flaws help me realize just how much I can improve and how much potential I have.
  • Don’t forget to live. Life is best lived when we have seriously awesome experiences with people we care about. Making memories is something that has been deeply engrained in my soul. I yearn for the depth of an intense moment. That nostalgic feeling. The way people make me feel. I love moments alone. Being by myself is always something I have treasured. So don’t forget to live life…by building yourself the one you dream of!
I hope this helps you all find some kind of peace in building business.
Health & happiness,

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