I have been wanting to talk about refreshing space since the beginning of January. It’s a great time to reorganize and refresh your space. Once Christmas is over it feels almost empty once all the decor is put away and the tree is gone. So for me, a super frugal-almost-too-cheap-kinda-girl, I don’t like putting tons of money into the idea of refreshing a space. I put it into ONE product. That’s it. And it changes the game entirely! It’s so simple yet so few people take the time to truly hunt for this single most amazing thing. It warms a room up, finishes it, holds all things together and creates comfort in a moment. Have you guessed it yet!? A RUG!!!

A rug is so much more than just something to lay on the floor. It has to have a strong presence so the eye will be drawn to it. It has to create warmth and all those toasty-cozy feels that make us love our homes. Size has to be just right; too small and it looks weird, too big and it just won’t fit! In my opinion a rug should also have some history to it. I love buying used rugs. Personally, I like to buy them in person so I can see it, feel it, know the material and it sounds weird but I have to make sure it doesn’t smell funky! Old rugs can often come with people’s history and their animals…just a heads up. Online buying can be tricky but not impossible. Find a trusty-worthy vendor or shop and you have found yourself a a rug goldmine!!

Here are some solid examples of what a rug can do for all kinds of spaces:


{Photo credits: LEFT image | Instagram @labohemehouseofwishingtrees | RIGHT image | Pinterest Olivia Lenning}

Bathroom space feels cozy. A sunroom can be used as guest space. With a rug like that it feels like the master bedroom!


Here’s more:

{Image: sarahshermansamuel.com}

This bedroom holds a lot of things to create a wonderful space. White walls, texture, greenery, photos and raw wood…but the rug is what pops. Without the rug the room would feel cold and washed out.

This next photo is one of my favorites. It is the quintessential definition of how a rug ties a room together. Take a look:

{Image: from Ebay.com }

This office space is to die for!!! And it’s all thanks to that gorgeous rug. I promise this room was either inspired by that rug or they went on a super-hunt for just the right rug…and I bet it took forever!

Well that’s it. I have nothing more for you. I have been super busy trying to get my stuff put in stores. It is hard to get an online shop moving forward when your inventory is tied up in other places. I hope to get the two sides of my business running smoothly together at some point! Have a good rest of your February and I hope to write more soon!

Health & hugs,



I was gonna write a blog post about renewing your space. I wanted to go into detail about how it’s important and it can bring a freshness to the new year….But I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna talk about this funk that I have been in since we got home from the holidays. This feeling is on the border of depression…And I can’t seem to shake it.

You see I had one of the best family vacations I have ever been on. It was seriously so good. Family, fun, food…I got to slow down and enjoy my life. I loved it. I went hiking, walked through my old hometown. I explored new shops, coffee spots, people. It was as though a weight had been lifted from my heart during those 10 magical days. I also got to see a really wonderful friend from high school. It was such a joy seeing her and her family. It was as though no time had passed between us. It was during our last day on vacation that we visited her. The news she gave me stirred a disturbance in my soul…

Her name was Sam. We had gone to high school with her. She was two years behind us in school.  Sam was kind. She was sweet. A work horse; Sam had a fire in her belly and it came out in fitness and competition. She was a light…and my heart breaks over and over when I think of her being gone. Just like that. Passed away in her sleep. The night before Christmas Eve. 34 years old. Healthy…FIT. A wife. Mother of two boys. Young boys. Boys who are at an age where they deeply need mama. And she was gone… She went to bed and never woke. Gone. Stolen in the night…never to return.

Sam has been in my heart since I heard this news. How I hope she had spent her last days loving. Living. I hope she smiled a lot and laid her head down in peace. I was not close with her. We held a close knit of the same friends back in the day, but never really hung out with each other. I’m not really sure why her death has affected me to the extent that it has. I haven’t seen her since those days. All I know is there is a deep aching pain that flows through me and it feels all-consuming at times. I think about her boys and how they won’t have a mama. I think of her husband and the pain he must be in…how he must miss her. I think of her mother, her father. How outliving your child must make it hard to breath. Hard to wake up…hard to live. The sorrow continues to flow through me with such incredible depth.

So now what? I guess I’ve realized that life goes on with or without us. We have these precious years we are here to create a legacy. A memory…A feeling. And it lives on in those we touch. Now more than ever I realize just how important it is to be kind. To really be a light. To shine and allow others to do the same. The memories we create in others is what carries on when we are gone. How we make another person feel is all that matters…

I’m not gonna lie. 2017 was a tough year for building a business…at least it was for me. I first started by slangin’ goods at swap meets in late 2016. You know what I thought?! People are idiots!!! I was making a grand or more in a day or two of work. I thought it was so easy, and anyone working a 9-5 was a complete moron. Guess what happened next??? REALITY!!! From that point on it has been nothing but a struggle.

In all honesty business building feels a lot like gambling. You do well and you’re hooked! But the downturn always comes and you bust your ass, going balls-to-the-wall, throwing all you have into it. All just in hopes of the next “high”. {It’s a mind-f#$%!} But oh how I have learned. I also research, study and try to stay connected to my community of people. This gives me the best odds of coming out ahead in 2018.

I’m not sure anyone should be taking advice from me so don’t read into any of this too much. I broke even for my first year. I’ve heard most are in the red {negative} at this point. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if it is than I’m doing better than most! I write blog posts to document my progress, but also because I feel it’s important to connect with others attempting to have a side gig. {I call my business a side gig because I only work about 50 hours a month.}  So what I have learned is this; the foundation of your business and how you build it in the earliest years may well be THE most important part. So basically when you know the least is when it matters the most. Here is why I believe this to be true.

1.) You’re spending habits. It’s the base of any business trying to make money. You have to know your numbers in order to know where you’re at, where you were, and where you want to go. Without knowing your numbers YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS!!! It’s just a hobby. So creating quality spending habits, being precise and SMART in where you spend every penny is crucial. Also, it sets the tone for the future habits of the business. PS: when I say quality spending habits I mean there are some things and places to be frugal and negotiate but there are places where I feel there is NO negotiation. Example: I always negotiate or try to trade on new products and if I am going to reorder from a place over and over I ask for a better deal as a loyal vendor. When it comes to FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM/INFLUENCERS/HIGHLY CURATED EVENTS/KNOWLEDGE I am more willing to throw down larger amounts of money because I have learned the return on investment {ROI} is always worth it…or I learn from it. It’s truly priceless.

2.) Stay in the know. To be in business you kind of have to be…well, trendy. Not in terms of who you are or your style but for sure in business strategy. Marketing, social media, sales, business relationships. All of these things are changing at an ungodly pace. I don’t think it’s in the best interest to try to learn/know all of them. But master a few and don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. For me, I focus on writing my blog {Pinterest}, photos {Instagram}, and linking with other like-minded business {business relationships}. I also get involved in the community by doing events and supporting other local businesses.

3.) Know what you’re good at…and know where you suck. I am good at finding products that are unique, one of a kind, unusual. I am also good at finding curated, well managed events. I suck at marketing…in fact I DON’T EVEN HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE WHEN IT COMES TO MARKETING!!! But I try to outsource this when I am having a good month to keep things flowing…even if it’s slow. I am also looking into hiring an intern to help with site updates and social media. That way I am not spreading myself too thin or trying to master an area that I loathe.

4.) CASH FLOW!!!! I consider it to be it’s own category because of the importance it holds in my business {retail}. This one has been my biggest challenges to date. WHY? Because I started as a boot strap business… I heard it referred as this once. This means I started with $1000 of my own dollars and have built it slowly from there. No investors, and until recently no loans. IT HAS BEEN SO HARD!!! Some months I had to make a choice on new inventory or pay for an event 3-4 months in advance. I recently decided to get a business credit card to pay for events and buy stuff. It quickly got out of control and now I am in recovery mode. As in, I maxed that baby out! Not buying crap but buying inventory. It is still an investment in my business but when your business is cash flow dependent you NEED to have access to cash. I eliminated that by maxing out my card. DUMB CHOICE!!! LESSON LEARNED FOR SURE!!! Now I hope to pay it down quickly to give my business more room to breathe and grow.  What would I have done differently? I would have bought smaller amounts of inventory as now most of my money is sitting on shelves waiting to be turned back into cash. I would not allow myself the satisfaction of overbuying. In fact, I can’t afford to do that..not then and definitely not now. I’m not sure if telling you that helps, but maybe my mistake can be a lesson learned for you?

These are what I believe will build my business a strong foundation. Oh, wait. There is one other thing. And it might just be more important than all the rest. Building community. It is the message and motivation behind my business. I want to surround myself with wonderfully driven, super open-minded, always learning, kind hearted individuals. Maybe that means they work for me, maybe they work with me, or they are business owners, friends. All I know is there is a vision in my head and it involves these folks. I literally have a vision where I walk into an office with people that I adore and it feels like a hangout and NOTHING like work. We have our fun hellos and then we sit down and get our asses to WORK. Sounds corny…but it’s been in my heart for a while. Last time I had a vision like this it led me to my current husband, but that’s another story!

Health & hugs to you all!


I vowed to take a month off from events for all of October. This post is an update for the first 2 weeks.

UPDATE: So far I have gotten more rest. {Definitely good.} I am less reactive to my littles when they are whiny and grouching at me. {A positive.} I have had more time to spend with family & friends on the weekends. {Important.} I’m able to focus more in online sales & content. This is the direction I am trying to take my business so this is key. However; there is always a downside to taking time off.

Okay, let’s get real. I be broke. My business is a year old and most of my sales are from events. No events = less sales. Waaaay less sales. Also, when there is no $$ coming in on my end I tend to get a bit stressed out. It’s just my nature since becoming a mama bear. I think there is a switch that goes off in your head once you have children that allows an excessive amount of stress & anxiety to take place in your life. My switch has flipped and it’s necessary for me to bring in a little bacon to have less worry.

Though my sales/income is down I have decided peace of mind is priceless. My kids love having mama at their beck & call. I have been able to make meals and snacks from SCRATCH. From scratch ya’ll…I know other mamas know what I mean, but if you don’t… It’s time consuming, sometimes hours in the kitchen. It calls for recipes and meal planning. It’s less crap in our mouths and a more happy family. My kids are ecstatic when I make my “cookies” {I will post a recipe of them at some point.}

No events has also meant slow weekend mornings. Enjoying coffee with my husband instead of a 5 am wake up to rush out the door.  I have the time & energy to create a few furniture pieces and ideas. Imagining ways to update my business. Learning new skills. Reading.

All of these things I now have time for are priceless. Through my 2 weeks off I have realized just how much I get caught up in the rat race. I lose focus…I let other people’s ideas & ways influence me. When in reality I have NEVER yearned to make tons of money. My heart has always longed to be free. To have the option of saying f#$% it; I’m outta here. My freedom and peace of mind should be non-negotiable. Lately I have been selling my soul to the devil himself.  It’s taken a lot of reflection and maturity to help me see the value in my business and myself. I am realizing it’s a process and I will always be in a constant state of ebb & flow. Thankfully this month my flow is growth of heart…

Health, happiness & hugs,


Did you know we are in the process of learning a new skill? Upholstery is something that has always fascinated me. The ability to take something old and make it new again. A piece with history, love, a story. It’s furniture with a soul! It gets me all giddy and excited. I know, chees-bally. But it’s what I love, and in my opinion it is very much so art. Below are a few pieces that I have either designed or finished myself. None for sale as of yet. I am still in a learning phase and practicing the art. Take a look!

20398371_1424420800998595_7604103670443016192_n  22280357_1859697554045512_1311024507812577280_n  20066659_1915343622023972_1243956394462281728_n

It’s all still very new and I can’t wait to take an actual class to help me graduate from chairs to real furniture!

As always…

Health, hugs & happiness,


So I’m a mama, right? You would think after a decade of being a mother of 1,2,3 kids I would have figured some kind of secret out about life. WRONG! In fact, I feel the opposite. The older I get and the more experience I have under my belt as a mother, business owner, wife, heck…human being, the more I realize I KNOW NOTHING!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete idiot. {Although I definitely have my moments!} I have just come to a season in my life where I am at a crossroad, I guess. My lack of knowledge has me contemplating whether or not I am willing to put the effort into the learning curve of specific areas of my life. To study, research, grow, engage, give…it’s all a part of every aspect of life that we want growth in. By giving 100% to these areas some other area inevitably suffers. For me, lately I have suffered in the wife & mother area. Our home has suffered as I cling to the idea that my business will explode. REALITY CHECK: There is no such thing as an explosion of business. It is hard earned. It takes years to build the foundation of something that will last.

What does this mean??? I have decided to step back a little from business. To put my energies into the areas where I want my life to grow; instead of focusing on areas where I lack. This is very hard for me. I tend to focus on some of the “needs improvement” sections of my life. {Gratitude journal will be starting up here again…as of today!} This means more love, energy, connection in my home. In my kids. In my marriage. The rewards for this are not always seen immediately. It’s not like money. There isn’t always instant gratification in being mama & wifey. It doesn’t help that I am not one who can stay focused for very long. But I know…deep down in my soul that being a wife & mama is what I was always meant to do. Even through all my resistance to it.

I hope some of you understand what this is. It’s not a rant, or even a complaint. It’s just some of my inner most thoughts. Through it all I hope to connect with someone. It’s hard enough in this world…let’s get through the hard together.

Health, happiness & hugs,


I have been wanting to write a post about a few GEMS I have found in America’s Finest City. For a world that is largely moving online I find the experience of these GEMS to be quite…homey. As in, they make me feel as though I am at my own home. I personally love this feeling. The reason I choose these places, these people are because of the experiences and emotions they evoke in me when I choose to do business with them. So without further ado…My list:

1.} San Diego {North Park} Vintage Flea Market; This market is phenomenal! I love everything vintage. I love people who are in love with “the hunt”. And I love North Park. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this. I remember the first time I experienced The San Diego Vintage Flea Market. So many emotions for me. It was the same feeling I get from Christmas time! My favorite time of year. It wasn’t just the amazing choice of vendors and products…it was more than that. The people were all ready for the hustle and bustle of business and haggling. The shoppers and neighborhood folk were out and on the prowl for fun, food and coffee. The vendors were energetic and the go against the grain kinda crowd. The once-nerdy-but-now-cool-kids who have an eye for precious, old, forgotten treasures. The kind of people that find beauty in all the non-traditional places. These kinda folk are my people!

2.} Dee’s Newbreak Coffee; My living room away from home. I am here at least 3-4 times a week. I had to stop and ask myself why? It’s not the trendiest coffee shop in Ocean Beach. In fact, it’s not even all that cute or appealing to the eye from the inside or the outside. The reason I love it is for one thing and one thing only; community. I love the unusual regulars that show up nearly everyday to share a cup o’ joe. I love the ladies behind the counter and their down-to-earth, genuine hearts. I can’t even tell you how phenomenal the chef is! Most breakfast places don’t put a strong emphasis on the quality of their breakfast food and how it is cooked. The Newbreak chef, Mayra, is top of the line. This woman puts her heart and soul into scrambled eggs like no one else. I refuse to eat anywhere else for breakfast. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried…I’ll always come back to this place. It is my home away from home.

3.} This last one is kind of an odd place to add to the list but I simply can’t leave it off. It’s near and dear to my heart because it has helped heal my body, my sleep, my back pain, foot pain…All while making me feel as though they are friends of mine. Gohl Chiropractic Clinic. That’s right. A chiropractic clinic has created such an exuberant experience for me that I am willing to write about how much I love them in my blog!

First there is Belle. A sweet, kind, pretty young woman that greets you at the front desk. She is personable, organized and professional. Belle is the face of the business and she is VERY committed and wonderful at what she does. Although the actual decor of the place feels clinical Belle makes you feel welcome and at home. She will chat with you about your kids, your work, your scheduling problems… or just YOU! There are not many people with gentle souls that offer such wonderful customer care at such a young age. Belle is top notch people.

Then of course there is Dr. Joseph Kametz. He is the owner of the practice and the chiropractor providing his services. I have to say, I was hesitant about the idea of chiropractors. Too many bad stories, too many bad chiropractors. Once Dr Joe spoke with me about his holistic approach to body alignment and healing…I was in! It wasn’t just what he said it was how he always made me feel welcome. Constantly encouraging me about my body’s process to heal and it’s powerful abilities. I didn’t feel as though I found a chiropractor. I feel as though I found a friend who offered me his amazing chiropractic services. I will never stop referring him to my people. I drive 40 minutes one way to see him because of the wonderful changes in my body’s alignment, sleep and overall well-being. I also feel as though I have gained a newfound, health-conscious advocate and a younger, more vibrant body!

I work really hard at depth, not expansion. Depth in terms of who I am, what kind of person I want to be, the life I yearn to design and how my lovely humans will remember me. I research, read & study more than any other thing I do. I research how to change my frame of mind, my perspective and I am learning to laser my focus and my gratitude. It is exhausting. Every single day I put in hours of work towards bettering myself to better my humans {kids/husband/friends/sister/mother/father/etc} and our relationships. Here’s what I am finding to be true for myself.

I have been blind to who I am, who I believe I am, and who I want to become. Sounds confusing right?! {Good!…You’re about where I’m at.} To clarify what I mean I will explain. I really look up to very few people in the world as a whole. I don’t have a lot of respect or trust for anyone. It is hard earned… I have high expectations for how people should act, politeness, work ethic, character, integrity, the Golden Rule, yada, yada, yada. The catch for me is…{drumroll please!!!} I have high expectations for those around me and refuse to accept anything less from them, but do NOT live by those standards myself! WHAAAAAAT?! I’m sure some of you are probably saying…so what? A lot of people are like that. Well…you see it makes sense. We have high rates of divorce, suicide, mass shootings, over prescribing of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, porn addiction, drugs…any addiction, entitlement. I realized all of this stems from the root of my own problem…I am not able to see the value I hold. Which means I don’t believe that I am a person of value. I don’t know I am awesome, great, phenomenal.

Might sound simple or even dumb to some of you, but for me finding this out broke my heart. It hurt because I finally realized it all came down to self-worth. My self-image. My thoughts. Here I am believing I am broken. Which made me self-condemning. Self-blaming. Which equates to me being hard on myself. And unforgiving to myself. It made me mean to myself.

400 TRILLION TO 1 (400,000,000,000,000). I typed it out to give you an idea of how monstrous that number is. Those are the odds of becoming a human. So do I believe I was meant to think I am worthless? No. Do I believe my self-talk should be condemning and mean? No. Do I believe there has to be more? YES! That is why I dig deep into learning, studying, listening.

I had this realization 2 days ago. 2 days. 48 hours ago…so what does it mean? How do I change? What actions am I supposed to take? Fuck if I know, but I am gonna spend the rest of my life trying to find out. I know somewhere deep inside me…I believe I am awesome. I am drawn towards greatness because it is who I am meant to be. It doesn’t mean I will be be rich. It doesn’t mean I will be famous. It doesn’t mean that anyone else on the planet will believe I am great or awesome. Me being great means whatever I want it to mean. And now that I’m aware of this…I continue to dig deep.


My story…

Once upon a time, not too long ago there was a little girl. She lived in a small town and grew up in a home where her mother andYolanda little girl father no longer lived together. This created deep confusion in the little girl. It made her very angry and scared. She knew her parents loved her, but did not always understand the ways in which they showed her. She decided to hide her emotions. So she stuffed them deep down inside where no one else could see. Low and behold it made her very angry.

As time went on the little girl turned into a young lady. As she had grown, so did her anger. She was so frustrated and didn’t know why. She felt rejection from her home and all things family. And so…she dug deep into things that she was good at as it helped her gain the approval of so many people…but her heart was still sad and angry. middle school pic

More time passed and the young lady was now turning into a woman.  The girl moved very far from her family in hopes that her anger would stay behind. Slowly she began to build a new life for herself. She made new friends, met knew people, and got a new job.

One day she was celebrating a friend’s birthday when she met a guy. He was nice…and fun. They laughed a lot together that night. It was the first time in a long time that she didn’t feel so angry. But they went on their own ways…

A long time passed and one day they ran into each other. That night they hung out, and again they had fun and laughed for hours. That night turned into a year. The girl and the guy loved each other very much. They hung out laughing, drinking, eating, hiking, traveling…They were living a wonderful life.CP One day they found out they were going to have a baby! The girl and the guy were very excited, but deep down the girl was very nervous and scared. She wanted to be a good mom but wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Time went on, as it does…until the day the baby came! She was the most beautiful baby the girl had ever seen. The first words the girl spoke to her new daughter were; “she’s so pretty!” The girl was so happy. She had never felt that depth of happiness in her entire life. She loved her daughter very much. Six weeks passed and the girl was just starting to learn how to take care of a new baby and be a mama. When one day the girl found out she was going to be a mama…again! The guy and the girl were a little nervous having two new babies, but they thought it was very funny. And again, they were so excited.

my mayaAs more time passed and the girl’s belly grew, she became more comfortable in being a mama. She was very tired and at times frustrated, but she loved her new family very much. Finally the day for her second baby came! It was another baby girl…she was adorable and feisty! Her new baby girl loved to talk and cry and throw up everywhere! The girl was pushed to her limits. She was tired and lost. There was no camilla fiestyfamily around to help. Just the girl and the guy.

Time seemed to fly for the girl. Her babies were growing up good and strong. They were healthy and happy. This was the first time  the girl realized she had something worth fighting for. It was then that she decided to take her anger on. She got help… She found a great therapist and hung out more with loving friends. She devoured books and started a forgiveness journal. She began to realize her life needed to be about more than self-service. She began to get an education on parenting and how to be a wife. But mostly, she worked hard on learning about herself. She wanted so badly to walk through life without being angry. In all her days she had never known life without it…

The girl is now 35 and from time to time she still gets angry. {Road rage is hard to recover from in SoCal}…but the girl is deeply happy. There are no words for the depth of love she feels for her family, for her husband. She is learning to forgive and to truly love. Her greatest challenge is not in loving others…but herself. Everyday she is reminded to step into her day with excellence when she looks into the faces of her (now) 3 babies. She has known no greater love than that of a mother…because through motherhood she is learning to let go of her anger. To forgive. To allow others to be themselves. Through motherhood the girl has begun to truly love…herself.

big sisters

A bedtime story I tell my little girls which often ends in tears for all of us. I hope this inspires someone to tell their babies the story of them…because it matters. We all matter.

As always,

Health, hugs & happiness,


I didn’t grow up learning to strive for excellence. It just wasn’t talked about, expected or even an example set into my life. It isn’t that my parents didn’t want me to be my best…they did. My parents weren’t taught how to live and work in the spirit of excellence themselves. How could they teach it to me?

At 33 years old I was introduced to the concept of living and working with excellence and diligence. I resisted. Who does that? Who really starts and ends their day truly giving everything they have? Surely no one does this…right??! I hired a business coach to help me wrap my head around what it means to run a business, how to lead and how to be someone who learns and gets things done. I never thought she would dig so deep into my life that she would become another mother to me. I have to tell you…at first, I loathed her.

She started by attacking me as a mother, a woman and a wife (even though my husband and I weren’t married at the time). She asked me what my expectations/goals were in all these areas of my life. I only wanted to learn about business…why was she interrogating me about this stuff? Apparently, they are all connected. So, I let her continue. Who was I? As a mother? A friend? A daughter? A wife…oh wait your aren’t married? Why not!? Is he a terrible man?? No…he’s not, then why are you afraid to marry a good man? She came at me hard…what had I represented in the first 33 years of my life? ANYTHING? Was I satisfied or was I truly happy and living a life of peace??…and if I was in peace why did I go searching for someone to guide me? She had a lie-o-meter like no one I have ever met; I had no choice but to be honest.  It hurt when I got real about the answers. It hurt because I realized my life thus far had been lived in fear and regret. And it made me mad. I was pissed that I had let myself become someone who had given 60% effort in 33 years of life. And that number is probably closer to 40.

You see…a lot of things have always come naturally to me. Sports, school, making friends, dating…I never had to get out of my comfort zone for any of them. The things that did make me uncomfortable, I avoided like the plague. It wasn’t until this woman began to dig deep into my soul that I realized that I had only been putting in 60% effort into my life. MY LIFE! It hit me so hard I think I actually cried for about 3 days…straight. She said I had work to do and if I wanted to live the next 33 years without regret than I better get busy. So I did.

For the last 2 years I have been insatiably learning…about business, relationships, serving others, kindness, people, motherhood, being a wife. But honestly, I have been studying the hardest to get to know myself. I have been devouring personal development books, listening to other people I look up to in life (there aren’t many), taking notes from my coach, and finding something greater than myself to focus on. I have slowly, and I mean slowly, learned to walk through my day with excellence and diligence. Some days I crash hard. I often put very high expectations on myself and those around me which creates a lot of pressure. What can I say?? I’m a work in progress.

Every day I try to be my best. My driving force is my littles. I never, and I mean never, want them to look back on their lives and see that they only gave 40%-60% effort. I want them to know I engaged with them to help bring them excellence through example. I am so far from perfect. Every single day I fail. I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t haunt me like it used to. Now I learn to focus on my sprouts and gratitude. I have about 5-6 journals in my life and they all represent something: a gratitude journal, sprouts journal, forgiveness journal, goals journal, write-everything-in-my-head-down journal, stories journal. {For my kids. So I can teach them lessons through stories.}

I could go on and on about all the great things that have happened since I took on this HUGE project of me. I won’t. But my hope is, if anyone actually reads this they start to ask themselves questions about their day to day excellence. It all starts with something in your gut telling you there has to be more. There is always more…it’s lurking, waiting, deep inside of you…wanting to come out. You gotta ask yourself; why not let it out?!

As always…

Health, hugs & happiness,